Sentinel Diego
Sentinel Diego was born in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

He arrived in France when he was just two and spent all his childhood in the 18th district in Paris.

As he often visited relatives in the US, he began learning English at the age of five.

Thanks to his parents who owned an event bar called the “Club Club” in Pigalle, he quite naturally went on stage and started writing rap lyrics for slam poetry evening sessions that they organized in their bar. MC Clean, the bar’s DJ, helped him record his first demo tapes in his own studio at home…

Influenced by both the 90s French rap when he was in France and by American rap when he was in the US, he engaged in the art of fine rhymes and developed a bouncy rap vocal flow, being first deeply impacted by the “Saian Super Crew” rap collective’s releases.

He continued on his way until he met a rapper who was much older than him and who had stopped his activities as a performer. The latter gave him a few technical hints to extend his abilities. As the student proceeded, the master named Diego after his own artist name, Sentinel.

Making appearances in the 18th arrondissement in Paris and its region, he soon met the collective Sexion d’Assaut, of which he became a member.

Not really attracted by the school routine, he completed his 9th grade and went to Cuba with his father for a sabbatical leave. In Cuba, locally famed Candiman, a reggaeton singer and his backing vocals Gago and Pucho, took him on their Cuba tour, which made him improve his singing…

Back in France, he started attending a hotel school while still fueling his passion for music… However, not being able to perform with Sexion d’Assaut because of the school schedules, he went on developing his gift by himself and turned to reggae music until he met “Sizzla”, his second major breakthrough.

In 2010, his father’s friend DJ Clean (who first made him perform on stage) introduced him to PatK, a musician/producer who had formed a collective named Jamen’s band.

As Patk was looking for an English-speaking rapper/singer, they started working together on title tracks, which they still do, favoring live music to samples.

Today, they approach several different music styles such as French rap, US rap, rock, soul and reggae, which they sometimes mix…

Sentinel Diego and PatK feel so much devotion and passion for each of these styles and for music in general that they find it impossible to opt for one in particular…

Sentinel Diego defines himself as an unclassifiable artist.